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I called Nicor Home Solutions because I have a broken pipe that was on the outside of my house going to a catch basin.The water in the pipe did not make it to the catch basin it was going under my foundation.

I bought the plan that (I thought) by reading the flyer will cover any pipes on the outside of my house. NHS sent out a plumber to look at my problem and as soon as they came in they were looking for a way to say it is not covered. They told me that a branchline is not covered. WHAT THE *** IS A BRANCH LINE.

Well they only cover the pipie that is going directly to the city pipes. My line started in the house and went into a catch basin then it gos to the pipes to the city. After several calls I WAS TOLD THAT i SHOULD HAVE READ MY CONTRACT.

Well if I thought that I was going to get the shaft I would have.I thought that I was dealing with a reputable company.


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Pivotal Home Solutions Verified Representative

Good morning.After checking your account, it appears you were able to speak with a specialist in regard to your situation and whether or not it is covered with our warranty plans.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us again at 855-890-2163 .Thank you.

Pivotal Home Solutions Verified Representative

Good morning. Thank you for reaching out to us.

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers first and foremost and are sorry to hear about this situation.

Could you please send me a direct message on here with your contact information so we can be in touch? Again, thank you for contacting us and we appreciate your patience.

to PivotalHomeSolutionsCares #1430597


to Anonymous #1430687
Pivotal Home Solutions Verified Representative

Thank you for providing your claim number. I am passing this message along to our specialists.

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